Yatesville man pens poem about spiders



    Are members of the spider family,

    who hide in galleys, homes and many a dark alley.

    They do look beautiful after seeing them scurry,

    with eight legs, some smooth while others are very furry.

    Their webs are artistically a thing of beauty,

    and close up could be seen as a cutie.

    They do scare just about everyone,

    all except scientists, who analyze them, maybe even for fun.

    Spiders have been around since the dawn of time,

    and getting bit by one of them is considered a crime.

    There is so much pain inflicted by them

    and usually we try to extinguish each one — Amen!

    There is a benefit to us,

    because they kill a lot of insects and that’s a plus.

    Where would we be without spiders?

    Probably happier not seeing them, while sitting on our gliders.

    These critters have their purpose in life, as some see it,

    but still they are scary, and watch where you sit.

    Ron Voveris


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