Yatesville man pens poem about clouds

June 3rd, 2016 3:08 pm


They come in many different sizes,

conquering many a mountain rises.

Some are very puffy and white,

while there are others that are menacing until the dark of night.

They do get you to look,

even when one could be reading a book.

A person is captivated by their beauty or design,

being so high in the sky, what a wonderful sign.

Included is a sunrise or sunset to add to them.

with their looks reminding you of a heavenly gem.

Some clouds make you want to hop or soar amongst each one,

while dreams are really meant for fun.

Of course, jet travel does allow you to fly through it,

but while on earth, it’s still a wonder while I stand or sit.

Clouds seem to be cuddly and soft,

yet I wonder, what more is there to be seen aloft?

Ronald Voveris