Yatesville man pens poem for Flag Day

June 10th, 2016 1:49 pm

Flag Day

A day to celebrate and remember,

our country’s beginnings from January to December.

Through wars and insurrections many lives were lost,

and we wondered what were the results and cost.

Before us, stands our country and its beauty to see,

rules were made, and liberty bestowed upon you and me.

Our flag is honored and flown every day,

with so much heritage and feelings inside that we portray.

Every country has had a rough start in the realm of life,

and America, and its founding fathers had plenty of strife.

We have succeeded and made our country what it is,

a land to be proud of, raise a family, freedom, that is true bliss.

God bless America every day,

our love for it is on display.

Ron Voveris