Yatesville man pens graduation poem

June 30th, 2016 10:16 am


What a day to remember,

each day you went to school from January to December

all the subjects you had to study for,

and wonder what’s next in store.

Sometimes one felt like quitting,

as you pondered while sitting.

Then came a bright spot in your life,

maybe it was a smile or kind word instead of strife.

These are things one gets to see,

by going to school, studying hard, and improving one’s memory.

What else will a person expect,

increasing brain power and getting respect.

Furthering one’s education means there is more to learn,

then securing a job with potential to have money to burn.

Education is the key to success, someone once said.

Start reading a book or study for a test just before bed.

The dividends will pay off someday,

with a secure job and a great paycheck — hooray!

Ronald Voveris