Yatesville man pens poem lauding athletes


    An Athlete

    It starts when we are small

    as one looks at a picture on the wall.

    Maybe it was Jim Thorpe or some other,

    and he or she came from somebody’s mother.

    The thought might have come from watching TV.

    It might have created a feeling deep within you and me.

    Maybe someone saw a person jogging around a park,

    and then somehow, it created a spark.

    As time progressed you were elated,

    as a good prospect of entering the Olympics, to be rated.

    It would take a lot of training,

    maybe in the snow, or on ice, or while it was raining.

    The thought was always there and maybe you would

    win a medal to prove to yourself that you could.

    Being an athlete of any form takes a lot of time to be fit,

    the results will show that you gave it your all and didn’t sit.

    It is definitely a quest,

    to represent one’s country and try to be the best.

    Ronald Voveris


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