Yatesville man pens back-to-school poem


    The Realm

    A teacher at the helm

    in charge of a classroom of rowdy kids, sometimes like bedlam.

    They must control everything

    and sometimes may even make us sing.

    Is it to remove pressure?

    Or can it be that they have to be in charge or face censure?

    Still there are special teachers around

    and they are captivating, we dare not make a sound.

    When one thinks about it

    at least four years of college one must take while we sit.

    It’s true that higher education isn’t for all

    but there are many students that enroll and heed the call.

    One should endeavor to study hard

    the dividends will pay off, or maybe join the National Guard.

    There are many avenues to choose

    because it’s all up to you, or you will lose.

    Ronald Voveris,


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