Wyoming Valley Youth nominees and winners

October 7th, 2015 2:45 pm

The annual Wyoming Valley Youth Salute, coordinated by Photography by Andy, held its breakfast and awards ceremony at Gennetti’s in Wilkes-Barre. Out of 46 participants from area high schools four were chosen to attend the Town Meeting On Tomorrow at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Front row, from left, are: Isabella Romani, Holy Redeemer; Amber Rose Grohowski, Greater Nanticoke Area (GNA); Kalie Reed, Coughlin; Veronika Popyk, GNA; Alana Platukus, Pittson Area; Alexia Mazzarella, Holy Redeemer; Camaryn Lokuta, Pittston Area; Julia Stella, First Place winner, Pittston Area; Alee Pettit, Wyoming Area; Sarah Thomas, Holy Redeemer. Second row: Kristen Kalish, Lake-Lehman; Brigid Wood, Coughlin; Paige Danko, Pittston Area; Marissa Morreale, Pittston Area; Lindsay Kane, GNA; Keri Lushefski,,GNA; Alexis Seery, GNA; Loran Garnett, Pittston Area; Marley O’Brien, Pittston Area; Katheryn Cebula, Pittston Area; Gabrielle Tomasura, Holy Redeemer: Shae-Lyn Briggs, Coughlin; Courtny Scovish, Holy Redeemer. Third row: Rachel Malak, Lake-Lehman; Kaley Egan, Lake-Lehman; Zachary Corey Second Place winner, Lake-Lehman; Clayton Vasey, Lake-Lehman; Tanner Gattuso, Dallas; Ryan Martin, Fourth Place winner, Dallas; Marie Johns, Lake-Lehman; Karlie Lobitz, Third place winner, Lake-Lehman.