Douglas Waraback’s Tour de Moose 4 continues

September 19th, 2016 3:34 pm

Moose Legionaire, Douglas Waraback, has bicycled over 6,000 miles and has visited 75 lodges having crossed 17 states to date raising over $ 10,000 for MooseHaven, a continuing care retirement facility for the elderly. This is Waraback’s personal project as a legionaire from Moose Lodge #1207, Pittston. Waraback’s “Tour de Moose 4” will take him to lodges along Route US 101 as this year’s border-to-border ride begins in Canada in early Sept. to Mexico, arriving approximately by Halloween. Lodge members, from left, are: Robert Messina, governor; Patrick Messina, Jr., inner guard; Doug Waraback,Jr. governor; John Nardone,treasurer; Joe Chairge, trustee and Paul Jancouskas, prelate.