Corpus Christi Parish hosts annual bazaar in West Pittston

June 28th, 2015 11:29 am

Staff reports

Carmen Altavilla, left, Debra Altavilla, center, and Ann Sorick prepare the sausage before the opening of the Corpus Christi Parish Bazaar on Friday night.
Jerry Wall, left, talk things over with Msgr. John Sempa, pastor of Corpus Christi parish.
Joe and Margaret Rogo, left, work side-by-side with Margaret’s dad, Wayne Williams.
Bruce Kleinberger preps the large fryer for potato pancakes.
Nora Devine, Yatesville, inspects jewelry at the flea market with her husband Paul by her side.
Krea Bonita, 8, left, and her pal Megan Albrecht, 8, look over the raffle baskets.
Bazaar worker Pat Rindgen, left, was busy taking orders at dinner time.
Chowing down on potato pancakes is Cody Momtijo, 13, left, and Parker Novis, 11.
Marie Yacavone, left, and Josie Yacavone (hidden) are the first to purchase food tickets Friday evening from Carolyn Smith, right.

WEST PITTSTON — Parishoners and community members lined up for food and fun at the annual Corpus Christi Parish Bazaar held Thursday, June 25 through Saturday, June 27 at the Immaculate Conception Church grounds on Luzerne Avenue. The event featured ethnic foods, nightly entertainment, raffle prizes, a flea market and more.

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