Forty Fort addressing infrastructure issues

By Marcella Kester - Times Leader Correspondent | August 4th, 2015 3:51 pm

FORTY FORT — Repairs to borough infrastructure were focal points during Forty-Fort’s council meeting Monday evening.

Borough officials announced that River Street construction is at 90 percent complete, with the remainder to be completed next week. Repaving will take place after that, with pave restoration followed by mill and overlay work. Paving of River Street is estimated to be completed by the end of September.

Council also discussed some upcoming road projects, including Arlington Road, Fort Street and Bedford Street.

Arlington Road is marked first on the list after River Street’s completion, with repair and repaving work. Bedford Street will begin road work within 60 days, and although Fort Street road work was discussed, council did not release any exact plans or dates.

Planned repairs to Yeager Street also were discussed, but the borough is waiting to receive bids for the work from several contractors. Council agreed to place a 48-hour deadline to receive bids for Yeager Street construction.

A motion was passed to create a separate checking account for Forty Fort Pool funds.

Mayor Andy Tuzinski requested that a restricted fund account be set up for the pool that will only be used for monetary donations for Forty Fort Pool projects and maintenance.

Borough Manager Barbara Fairchild requested that the account be switched from savings to checking so funds can accrue interest and so borough officials have the ability to write checks, if needed.

Council members also agreed to hire a constable to serve lien notices to delinquent residents.

Liens will be served for delinquent 2014 sewer fees to approximately 30 residents. Council said while that number was far greater, many residents began or have completed a payment plan, greatly reducing the number of out-dated accounts.

By Marcella Kester

Times Leader Correspondent

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