Northeast Land Bank Authority approves by-law amendments for new voting members

By Jimmy Fisher - | September 23rd, 2015 10:28 pm

PITTSTON — The Northeast Land Bank Authority members approved amendments to by-laws in regards to bringing on new voting members at their quarterly meeting on Wednesday.

Four potential new voting members include Pittston Township and Dupont, Avoca and Hughestown boroughs.

While Dupont, Avoca and Hughestown have committed to becoming members, Pittston Township has not yet made a decision. Authority executive director Joe Chacke said the township has until Thursday, Oct. 1 to decide.

The amendments approved state each municipality would serve a certain term as a voting member. Should Pittston Township agree to join, it would serve a one-year term while Hughestown would serve a two-year term, Avoca a three-year term and Dupont a four-year term.

If Pittston Township does not join, Hughestown would serve a one-year term while Dupont would serve a two-year term and Avoca a three-year term. An “at large” party would be given a four-year term, with that position being held by another member of one of the voting municipalities.

At the conclusion of its term, that municipality would automatically be renewed for a four-year term on the authority.

Chacke also said all municipalities seeking to become voting members have to pass an ordinance with the names of their representative at the next public council meeting. When that is done, the municipality will be able to vote at the next meeting in December.

In other business, the land bank authority members approved:

• A motion to allow Chacke to send out requests for proposals (RFP) should the authority seek engineers or demolition workers to work on blighted property and work out a cost for their work.

• A motion to pay $7,500 to Saporito, Falcone & Watt for legal services provided to the land bank in regards to the $150,000 Local Share Account (LSA) grant the authority was awarded.

The next Northeast Land Bank Authority meeting will be held at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 2 at Pittston City Hall, 35 Broad St.

By Jimmy Fisher

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