Recycling, refuse information released in Hughestown

February 26th, 2016 7:22 am

HUGHESTOWN — Residents are asked to place recyclables at curbside on Tuesdays. This date has been changed along with garbage collection.

Refuse stickers available

For residents who wish to use the Pittston City service, the 2016 Hughestown refuse/trash stickers may be purchased at the city treasurer’s office, 35 Broad St., Pittston or by mail for an additional $5 postage and handling fee. Sixty stickers for the year are $165 and 120 stickers for the year are $300. Orange and black stickers are no longer valid and tan and white must be used beginning. After having paid the annual fee, residents may purchase a minimum pack of 12 additional stickers for a cost of $36.

Refuse pickup costs

Hughestown residents wishing to use United Sanitation for garbage pickup can call 570-883-0725 and leave a message for more information. Annual cost is $155 for one bag per week, $275 for two bags, and $325 for three bags.