North East Land Bank Authority approves Reilly Associates for engineering services

By Jimmy Fisher - | March 31st, 2016 4:26 pm

PITTSTON — At a recent meeting , the North East Land Bank Authority approved an engineering services agreement with Reilly Associates of Pittston.

According to Joe Chacke, the authority’s executive director, Reilly Associates will inspect properties to determine if they can be refurbished or demolished and will then oversee those processes for the properties.

Chacke also sought permission from authority members to purchase up to 10 properties in the county repository, in which vacant properties owned by the county are held until someone makes a bid on them.

“We will hopefully meet with the Northeast Revenue in the near future to go ahead with this,” Chacke said.

Although no properties have yet been refurbished or demolished under the North East Land Bank Authority’s jurisdiction, Chacke said they are making progress since forming the authority in October 2014.

“We’re still new and trying to figure our way through issues,” he said. “In a couple years we’ll be more active and more busy, but we’re still just trying to figure everything out.”

In other business, the authority members approved Hughestown and Avoca boroughs as voting members of the authority.

By Jimmy Fisher

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