New garbage stickers reminder for Pittston City residents


    PITTSTON — Residents are reminded to begin using red and white 2016-17 garbage stickers on June 3. Garbage will not be collected after that date without the new sticker on each bag. Stickers may be purchased in the city treasurer’s office at city hall during normal business hours, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday except holidays.

    Initial year fee is $120 for 60 stickers, after that, each pack of 60 stickers is $120 or residents may purchase a minimum of 12 stickers for $2 each, only if initial fee is paid.

    If paying my mail, add $5 for postage and handling with check payable to Pittston City, Tax Office, 35 Broad St., Pittston, PA 18640. Residents are asked to write their phone number on the check and indicate to whom and where to send the stickers.

    If tenants are responsible for trash, landlords are asked to give tenants the bill in order to mail or bring with payment.

    Recycling and garbage collection schedule calendars are available at city hall or on the city website
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