John F. Kennedy Elementary students draw their dads to celebrate Father’s Day

June 17th, 2016 2:01 pm

EXETER — Whether it’s shooting hoops in the backyard or playing video games, second grade students at John F. Kennedy Elementary in Exeter shared what they like to do with their dads.

Prior to the school’s field day, the Sunday Dispatch asked students to draw a picture of their dads in light of the Father’s Day holiday. The second grade students are from Mrs. Bowers’ and Mrs. Schultz’s classes.

Scott Bullock, 9, father Scott Bullock, 9, father Scott
Jacob Cameli, 9, father Steven Cameli, 9, father Steven
Sarah Mizenko, 8, father Stephen Mizenko, 8, father Stephen
James Carney Jr., 7, father James Sr. Carney Jr., 7, father James Sr.
Abigail Lachenmayer, 8, father Johnny Lachenmayer, 8, father Johnny
Alana Maria Ginthner, 8, father Joe Maria Ginthner, 8, father Joe
Brooke Waitulavich, 8, father Nick Waitulavich, 8, father Nick
Madelyn Smith, 8, father Andrew Smith, 8, father Andrew
Kaitlyn Sadowski, 8, father Mark Sadowski, 8, father Mark
Jesiah Aguero, 8, father Luis Aguero, 8, father Luis
Evan Dweck, 8, father Joseph Dweck, 8, father Joseph
Landon Wickizer, 8, father Michael Wickizer, 8, father Michael
Arianna Deyo, 7, father John Deyo, 7, father John
Brody Martin, 8, father Bill Martin, 8, father Bill
Alexandria Altieri, 8, father Christopher Altieri, 8, father Christopher
Seth Edwards, 8, father Jeff Edwards, 8, father Jeff
Brennan Slocum, 8, father Brian Slocum, 8, father Brian