John F. Kennedy Elementary students draw their dads to celebrate Father’s Day

Staff reports | June 23rd, 2016 10:40 am

EXETER — Whether it’s playing soccer or picking flowers, second grade students at John F. Kennedy Elementary in Exeter shared what they like to do with their dads.

Prior to the school’s field day, the Sunday Dispatch asked students to draw a picture of their dads in light of the Father’s Day holiday. The second grade students are from Mrs. Bowers’ and Mrs. Schultz’s classes.

Hiden Gallagher, 7, father Patrick Gallagher, 7, father Patrick
Josh Mruk, 8, father Ron Mruk, 8, father Ron
Valentino Hoover, 8, father Mike Hoover, 8, father Mike
Rocco Siani, 8, father Patrick Siani, 8, father Patrick
Felicia Roote, 8, father Ronnie Roote, 8, father Ronnie
Crimson Barrett, 8, father Jason Barrett, 8, father Jason
Shaun Cowing, 8, father Heath Cowing, 8, father Heath
Dehlia Barrett, 8, father Jason Barrett, 8, father Jason
Sofia Colarusso, 8, father Michael Colarusso, 8, father Michael
Alex Vacula, 8, father Mike Vacula, 8, father Mike
Tatyana Rivera, 8, father Jose and June Rivera, 8, father Jose and June
Hannah Helal, 8 Helal, 8
Lena Lispi, 8, father Neil Lispi, 8, father Neil
Second-graders show what makes Dad special for Father’s Day

Staff reports

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