Wyoming Area awards $93,000 at annual scholarship celebration

July 1st, 2015 1:25 pm

For Sunday Dispatch

The Band Scholarship was awarded to Emily Smith. From left, Saundra Colwell, Emily Smith, Mark Smith, Amanda Dreisback and Danika Dreisbach.
The Choral Scholarship went to Victoria Pennington. From left, Ken Pennington, Victoria Pennington, Christine Mitten and Jennifer Pennington.
Olivia Katulka won the Ivo and Tosca Giannini Memorial Scholarship. From left, Lisa Katulka, Bryan Katulka, Olivia Katulka, Tom Giannini and Betsy Giannini.
The Al Ciampi Memorial Scholarship/Ring of Pride went to Ryan Gorki and AJ Lenkaitis. From left, front, Beverly Gorki, Ryan Gorki, AJ Lenkaitis and Terri Florenza. Back row, Elizabeth Hannon, Jennifer Ciampi, Chesla Ann Bohinski, Tony Lenkaitis and Michael Pendolphi.
The Casimir J. Dylo Memorial Scholarship went to Kaylee Rodgers. From left, front, Andrew Kuffa and Kaylee Rodgers. Back row, Sean Gresh, Walter Placek, Donna Rodgers, Jeff Rodgers and Jan Cwikla.
Cade Bekanich was the recipient of the Greater Pittston Chamber of Commerce Scholarship. From left, front, Cade Bekanich and Jerry Champi. Back row, Jamie Truszkowski, Brandi Bartush and Rosemary Dessoye.
Olivia Katulka was the recipient of the Thomas and Patricia Kearns Drama Scholarship and the Bausch and Lomb Medal. From left, front, John Kearns, Lisa Katulka, Olivia Katulka and Bryan Katulka. Second row, Tom Kearns, TJ Kearns, Patricia Kearns, Shannon Kearns, Matthew Kearns and Brady Kearns.
The Delores McHugh Basketball Memorial Scholarship went to Emily Wolfgang. From left, front, Emily Wolfgang, Tom McHugh and Alexa McHugh. Back row, Alison Wolfgang, Ron Wolfgang and Sandy McHugh.
The Mosse Lodge #1207 Governor’s Award went to Melissa Mazzitelli. From left, Doug Warabak, Melissa Mazzitelli, Frank Mazzitelli and Ann Mazzitelli.
The Michael L. Pesta/UFCW Memorial Scholarship winner was Caitlyn Kraynak. From left, front, Nancy Pesta. Second row, Kim DeAngelo, Caitlyn Kraynak and Morgan DeAngelo. Back row, Mary Kraynak and Mitchell DeAngelo.
The Pittston Hospital Class of 1982 Nursing Scholarship was awarded to Kara Nowicki. From left, front, Karen Nowicki, Kara Nowicki, Ted Kross and Janet Kelly. Back row, Margaret Paoloni and Karen Aritz.
Carrie Pozaic, Amy Alder and Nina Owen were the recipients of the Rotary Club of Wyoming Scholarship. From left, front, Carrie Pozaic, Amy Alder and Nina Owen. Second row, Debbie Pozaic, Cindy Alder, Kip Alder, Beverly Owen. Back row, Pat Dutton, John Piszak, John Harrington and Darrell Evans.
The following students earned the Superintendent’s Awards for the top 10 graduating seniors. From left, front, Haley Stackhouse, Olivia Katulka, Carrie Pozaic, Julia Banas and Victoria Pennington. Back row, event chair Rosella Fedor, Rachel Polacheck, Amy Alder, Justin Palovchak, Cecelia Chisdock, Sarah Romanowski and Superintendent Janet Serino.
John Stokes, Jr. was the recipient of the West Wyoming American Legion Post 904 Scholarship. From left, front, Linda Yarosavich, John Stokes, John Stokes, Jr., Jerry Domkowski and Deb Stokes. Back row, Matt Kearns, Rick Yarosavich and George Yurek.
Abby Orth and Cecelia Chisdock were the recipients of the West Pittston Women’s Club Scholarship. From left, front, Donna Orth, George Ann Neff, Cecelia Chisdock and Melissa Chisdock. Back row, Ann Alaimo and Joan Pribula. Cecelia was also the recipient of the Humanities/Social Science Medal.
Carrie Pozaik and Samantha Williams were the recipients of the Wyoming Area Kiwanis Scholarship. From left, front, Samantha Williams, Carrie Pozaic. Second row, Gordon Williams, Lisa Colarusso, Debbie Pozaic. Back row, Juel Ann Klepadlo, Tiffany Callaio, Armonde Casagrande, Amy Casagrande, Elaine Kuffa and Debbie Boyson.

EXETER — Wyoming Area’s Sixth Annual Scholarship Celebration was held recently in the Wyoming Area Secondary Center auditorium. Sixty-six scholarships and awards were presented with over $93,000 awarded. Fifty-three seniors received more than 100 awards and scholarships. Awards ranged from $100 to $5,000. Some donors granted multiple awards.

Information provided by Rosella Fedor.