Wyoming Area’s annual scholarship celebration a hit

July 7th, 2015 10:05 am

For Sunday Dispatch

Abby Gibbs was the recipient of the Anthony Sr. and Eleanor Angeli Memorial Scholarship. From left, front, John Gibbs, Abby Gibbs, Tamee Mitchell, Carrie Gundling. Standing, Lori Ann Rose, Logan Rose, Harry Rose, Paul Angeli, Donna Angeli and PJ Angeli.
Jeremy Zezza was the recipient of the Exetor Lions John B. Campbell Memorial Scholarship. From left, front, Doreen Zezza, Jean Marie Radle, Lynda Hyzenski, Jeremy Zezza, Jack Brogan, Millie Vasil and Caroline Kudasik. Back row, Jerry Zezza, Tom Tomsak, Marilyn Gubbiotti, Len Bonfanti, Tony Valenti and Nick DeAngelo.
Emily Smith was the recipient of the Bauman Family’s BZ Dragonfly Scholarship. From left, Joe Bauman, Emily Smith, Mark Smith, Amanda Dreisbach, Danika Dreisbach and Adam Zaleski. Back row, Joelle Bauman, Zach Bauman, Julie Zaleski and Noah Zaleski Bauman.
Recipients of the Joseph E. Fedor Award (top five graduating seniors) are, from left, Cecilia Chisdock, Olivia Katulka, Justin Palovchak, Amy Alder and Julia Banos. Scholarship chairperson Rosella Fedor is also pictured.
Jude Polit-Moran was recipient of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick Scholarship. From left, Sami Lynn Polit-Panek, Jude Polit-Moran and Paul Leonard.
Carrie Pozaic was the recipient of the Stephanie Godri-Johnston Memorial Scholarship. From left, Mary Godri, Debbie Pozaic, Carrie Pozaic and Ed Godri.
Martin Michaels IV was the recipient of the Leonard C. Insalaco II Memorial Scholarship. From left, Marty Michaels III, Lori Michaels, Martin Michaels IV, Barbara Insalaco and Leonard Insalaco.
Nina Owen was the recipient of the Michael McClernon Memorial Scholarship. From left, front, Nina Owen, Beverly Owen. Standing, Melissa Nelson, Paula Vullo-Heal, Roseann Biscotta, Emily Nelson, Riley Thomas, Jonathan Nelson, Matthew Nelson and Patrick Nelson.
Haley Stackhouse and Jude Polit-Moran were recipients of the George Miller Scholarship. From left, front, Andrea Stackhouse, Lois Miller, Haley Stackhouse, Jude Polit-Moran and Sami Lynn Polit-Panek. Back row, Ken Stackhouse, George Miller.
Dominick Forlenza and Julianna Scappaticci were recipients of the Francis and Joanne Pineno Penn State/Bloomsburg Scholarships. From left, front, Kayla Forlenza, Dominick Forlenza, Julianna Scappaticci, Isabella Scappaticci. Back row, Lee Forlenza, Lisa Forlenza and Maria Scappaticci.
Nikolas Gushka was the recpient of the Principal’s Award. From left, Nicholas Gushka, Linda Gushka, Nikolas Gushka and Principal Vito Quaglia.
Rachel Polacheck and Michael Kolessar were recipients of the Russo Family Award. From left, front, Renne Polacheck, Rachel Polacheck, Michael Kolessar and Cathy Kolessar. Back row, Tom Warman, Barbara Russo, Phil Russo, Marcy Petrucci and Michael Kolessar.
Benjamin Steve was the recipient of the Ann and Ron Nicholson Memorial Scholarship. From left, Gina Steve, Benjamin Steve and Maylan Nicholson.
John Stokes Jr. was the recipient of the West Pittston American Legion Post 542 Jeffrey DePrimo Scholarship. From left, John Stokes, John Stokes Jr., Ron Faust, Ron Gitkos and Deb Stokes.
Amy Alder was the recipient of the David Williams III Memorial Scholarship: The ‘Warrior’ Award. From left, front, Amy Alder, Cindy Alder. Back row, Kip Alder, Pat Williams, Nancy Williams and Jack Williams.
Recipients of the Wyoming Area Faculty Awards are, from left, front, Olivia Katulka, Julianna Scappaticci, Ryan Kaslavage, Lauren Maloney, Cordell Gresh and Nicole Kolessar. Second row, Kelly Kaslavage, Bryan Katulka, Lisa Katulka, Maria Scappaticci, Brenda Maloney, Erin Maloney, Myra Gresh, Sean Gresh, Cathy Kolessar, Michael Kolessar. Back row, Jason Geary, Gordon Williams, Jull Anne Klepadlo, Christine Marianacci, Jennifer Ciampi, Daneen Kearns, Ashley Aritz, Ryan Kennedy and Dave Pizano.
Kayla Radle, Hannah Begley and Danielle Bulger were recipients of the Wyoming Area Student Council Jean Matys Memorial Scholarship. From left, front, Jean Marie Radle, Kayla Radle, Hannah Begley, Danielle Bulger and Rich Bulger. Back row, Kenny Radle, John Begley, Dawn Begley and Lynette Bulger.

EXETER — Wyoming Area’s Sixth Annual Scholarship Celebration was recently held in the Wyoming Area Secondary Center auditorium.

Sixty-six scholarships and awards were presented this year with over $93,000 awarded. Fifty-three seniors received more than 100 awards and scholarships. Awards ranged from $100 to $5,000. Some donors granted multiple awards.

Information provided by the Wyoming Area School District.