Greater Pittston real estate transactions from June 17-30

July 9th, 2015 4:10 pm

Compiled by Susan Gilroy-King

The following Greater Pittston real estate transactions have been recorded in the Luzerne County Office of the Recorder of Deeds from June 17 through June 30, 2015:

Anthony Paul Gigliotti to Leanne M. Hirneisen, 128 Whitlock St., Exeter; $91,500

Rocco F. and Elizabeth J. Janora to Jacqueline A. Eldridge to Joseph and Kelly A. Lawrence, 41 Florida Ave., West Wyoming; $155,000

Daniel W. and Robyn M. Sheilds to Jason A. and Susan A. Jones, 111 Jean St., Exeter; $160,000

Estate of Janet V. Haynes to Thomas Papi, 137 Glendale Road, Pittston Township; $98,000

Estate of Carol Hodakowski to Ronald L. and Audra Diamente Scott, 929 Narrow St., West Wyoming; $97,000

Estate of William J. Pugh to Michael Meloro, 821 Westminster Road, Jenkins Township; $52,000

Germano and Linda Astolfi to Eric J. and Jade Taffera, 310 Market St., Pittston Township; $175,000

Carol A. Belles and Carol B. and Philip T. Wanck to Caitland Hawk, 718 Grove St., Avoca; $128,000

Godiva Group Inc. to Yelitza Aponte, 49 West St., Pittston; $95,400

Richard Conte to Leo and Diane Kleynowski, Baker Road, Pittston Township; $273,000

Monica Ann Yenchak and Monica Ann and Frank Belles to Catherine Trusavage, 319 Roosevelt St., Exeter; $113,000

John Ronald Gitkos and Helen Ann Deprimo to Rebecca Grohoski, 21 Green St., Pittston; $55,000

Carl J. Innamorati to Anthony J. Matreselva, 37 Stites St., West Wyoming; $120,000

David J. and Helen M. Yuhas to James Radle, 732 Foote Ave., Duryea; $75,000

Nicholas L. and Jennifer L. Bressler to Michael J. and Elizabeth M. Dessoye, 301 Skytop Drive, Duryea; $194,000

Leonard and Mary Belotti to Karotko Property Management Services LLC, 147-149 Dickson St., Duryea; $70,000

P. Tobey and Carolyn Humphrey to James Norton, 610 Spruce St., West Pittston; $56,000

Jonathan K. and Heather C. Roxby to Stephanie Zbylicki and Joseph T. Lapsansky, 26 Thompson St., Jenkins Township; $118,000

Frank N. Massara to Stephanie Lynch, 4 Sharpe St., Wyoming; $76,100

Candace C. Trusavage to Becky M. Long and William J. Jones, 1237 Main St., Jenkins Township; $104,940

Nicholas, James, Patrick and Joseph Lello to James A. Jr. and Frances Norris, 134 Bear Creek Road, Dupont; $67,000

Richard Lee Frisco and Rebecca Lynn Curl to Deana Tommaselli, 142 Lambert St., Pittston; $118,450

A2 Spec Homes LLC to Choice Canning Co. Inc., 48 Grandview Drive, Pittston Township; $250,000

Eugene J., Eugene J. Jr., Keith R. and Kevin J. Cardoni to Ryan J. Thomas and Danielle Gray, 30 Pittston Ave., Yatesville; $108,047

Jason and Pamela Gilroy to Nancy Paden, 150 Whitlock St., Exeter; $169,500

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