West Wyoming man admits to providing false information on 16 firearm purchase applications

By Ed Lewis - elewis@timesleader.com | October 13th, 2015 4:02 pm

WILKES-BARRE — A West Wyoming man who federal prosecutors alleged provided false information on 16 applications to purchase firearms at seven firearm dealers pleaded guilty on Tuesday.

Matthias Michael Yuran, age unknown, of Shoemaker Avenue, pleaded guilty to making false statements to a firearms dealer before U.S. Magistrate Judge Joseph F. Saporito.

Yuran was charged by federal prosecutors Sept. 3.

Federal prosecutors alleged Yuran knowingly made false and fictitious statements when completing applications to purchase firearms from September 2014 to February 2015. Yuran allegedly represented on the applications he was the actual purchaser of the firearms and was not a drug user or addict.

Federal prosecutors alleged Yuran was not the actual buyer and was a user of illegal drugs.

According to the information, Yuran completed applications with false information at the following firearms dealers:

• Sept. 19, 2014, Gun Hippo, Kingston, 9mm Ruger.

• Sept. 22, 2014, Piestrak’s Gun Shop, Nanticoke, .380-caliber Cobra.

• Sept. 23, 2014, Gun Hippo, 9mm Ruger.

• Oct. 18, 2014, Piestrak’s Gun Shop, .357-caliber Taurus.

• Oct. 21, 2014, Mike’s Sporting Goods, Levittown, .380-caliber Ruger.

• Oct. 27, 2014, Piestrak’s Gun Shop, .380-caliber Cobra.

• Oct. 29, 2014, Classic Pistol, Southampton, .380-caliber Smith & Wesson.

• Nov. 3, 2014, Tanner’s Sports Center, Jamison, .380-caliber Ruger.

• Dec. 5, 2014, Shawnee Guns, Plymouth, .40-caliber Smith & Wesson.

• Feb. 2, 2015, Classic Pistol, 9mm Glock

• Feb. 4, 2015, Classic Pistol, 9mm Glock.

• Feb. 9, 2015, Classic Pistol, 9mm Beretta.

• Feb. 17, 2015, Classic Pistol, .40-caliber FNH.

• Feb. 22, 2015, Zeller’s Sporting Goods, Throop, 5.56 Olmpic Arms.

• Feb. 22, 2015, Zeller’s Sporting Goods, 5.56 Century.

• Feb. 22, 2015, Zeller’s Sporting Goods, 9mm Kel-Tec.

By Ed Lewis


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