Meet the Warriors: Wyoming Area students interview senior class members

For Sunday Dispatch | October 29th, 2015 11:24 am

Austin Rought

By Makaila O’Reilly, 2017

Austin Rought resides with his parents, Todd and Jeane, in Falls. He participates in Student Council and has been a member of the cross country team for the past five years. He has a part-time job working as a contractor 20 hours a week. His hobbies include hunting, camping, shooting, fishing, and running.

Austin’s favorite subjects in school are physics, calculus, and sociology. One of his most memorable moments at Wyoming Area was blaming Eric for all the trouble they caused at lunch. Mr. Altavilla is his favorite teacher because he showed Austin how life really is and was a friend to him as well as a teacher.

After graduating, Austin plans on going to college to start a career in engineering. He is looking forward to having more free time. One of Austin’s goals after college is to be successful without too much stress. His role model is his dad. In three words, Austin describes himself as sarcastic, smart, and funny.

Blaise Erzar

By Sabrina Ciannilli, 2016

Blaise Erzar, son of Joe and Kelly Erzar, resides in West Wyoming. He is a member of the History Club participates in History Bowl. Blaise has played on the football team since seventh grade, and has been running track since ninth grade. His hobbies include playing video games and watching movies.

His favorite subject in school is history and his favorite teacher at Wyoming Area is Mr. Hizynski because he taught Blaise that he can teach himself. He has too many memorable moments in his high school years to only name one. After high school, Blaise plans to attend college and major in criminal justice. He is mostly looking forward to getting away and being on his own. After college he hopes to find a good job. Blaise describes himself as a good student, son, and brother.

Emily Menta

By Victoria Webb, 2017

Emily Menta resides with her parents, William and Kim Menta, in West Wyoming. She is secretary of the senior class and is involved in Drama Club, History Club, Math Club, and participates in History Bowl. Emily currently works at the Gerrity’s in Wyoming as a cashier. Her hobbies include watching movies, cooking, singing, and acting. She also loves spending nights hanging out with all of her close friends.

Emily’s favorite subject in school is history. She said the teacher who has had the most influence on her would be, Mr. Hizynski, because she thinks he is most definitely one of the best teachers she’s ever had, and he is just overall a good pal. Her plans after high school are to go to college and major in clinical psychology and her goal is to eventually work at a psychiatric facility. She is extremely excited to attend college and be independent. Her role model in life is Emma Watson. Emily would describe herself as social, happy, and herself.

Blaise Erzar Erzar
Emily Menta Menta
Austin Rought Rought

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