Meet the Warriors: Wyoming Area journalism students interview seniors

For Sunday Dispatch | November 4th, 2015 3:51 pm

Carter Kusakavitch

By Laura Heinzlmeir, 2016

Carter Kusakavitch, son of Michele Kusakavitch, resides in Exeter. He is a part of Executive Board, Student Council, FBLA and History Club. He has participated in golf for three years and ice hockey for four years as a defender. He spends part of his weekend working at Arena Bar & Grill. His hobbies include golfing, playing hockey and hanging out with friends.

His favorite subject in school is math. His favorite memory from Wyoming Area is all the sporting events between Pittston Area and Wyoming Area. His favorite teacher is Mrs. Pikas because she is a fun teacher and taught him a lot of new information. After graduation, Carter plans to attend college to study accounting and sports management. Carter describes himself as witty, confident and relaxed.

Jordan Kelly

By Kevin Pish, 2016

Jordan Kelly, daughter of Amy and Chris Kelly, resides in Wyoming. She is an active member of Student Council and Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD). She plays defense on the Wyoming Area soccer team, is a guard on the basketball team and a forward on the lacrosse team. She also works 16 hours a week at her job when she’s not kicking butt in sports. Her favorite subjects in school are math and sociology. Freshman year was Jordan’s most memorable at Wyoming Area.

After high school, Jordan plans to attend college at Shippensburg University and study criminal justice. While at college, she looks forward to meeting new people. After college, she plans to become a state trooper or pursuing a career in the justice field. Her role model is her grandfather because he never complains about anything, no matter what is happening or has happened. Jordan describes herself as funny, enjoyable and easy-going.

Malcolm Sciandra

By Dominique Denisco, 2016

Malcolm Sciandra, son of Lisa and John Sciandra, is a Wyoming resident. He spends his time balancing school work, a part-time job and various hobbies and special interests. These interests include weightlifting, playing basketball, running and multiple activities revolving around his passion for computer science.

Malcolm is most interested in subjects pertaining to math and gaining a further knowledge of technology. His draw towards these topics helped him decide to pursue an education in the computer science field. Malcolm plans to apply these studies to his future career in the field of software development.

Malcolm’s most memorable moment throughout his years at Wyoming Area was being inducted into the National Honor Society and receiving recognition for his hard work. The most influential teacher Malcolm has had thus far is Mr. Altavilla on account of his unique take on things and his overall realistic standpoint on the world. On a bigger scale, Malcolm most looks up to Bill Gates. In a few words, Malcolm can be best described as smart, humorous and kindhearted.

Emily Schneider

By Laura Heinzlmeir, 2016

Emily Schneider, daughter of Susan and Daniel Schneider, resides in West Wyoming. She is a member of History Club, Student Council and is a Student Ambassador. On the weekends, Emily works at PacSun in the Wyoming Valley Mall. Her hobbies include lifting, working out and hanging out with her friends and family.

Her favorite subjects in school are science, biology and sociology. One specific teacher that influenced Emily throughout her high school career is Mr. Altavilla. He pushed and encouraged her to be better and try harder in school. He taught her that with an education you can really do what you want when the odds are against you.

After graduating, Emily plans to attend college and major in biology. She is looking forward to meeting new people and furthering her education in an independent setting. After college, her goal is to become a doctor and provide for herself. Emily’s role model is her mother because she worked her whole life to give Emily everything she wanted and needed. Emily describes herself as sarcastic, funny and outgoing.


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Information provided by Wyoming Area Journalism Club.