Meet the Warriors: Wyoming Area journalism students interview classmates

For Sunday Dispatch | November 19th, 2015 1:30 pm

Alorah Colwell

By Rachel Johnson, 2017

Alorah Colwell, daughter of Saundra Colwell, currently lives in West Pittston. Alorah is a member of the Wyoming Area Marching Band, Key Club, and Indoor Percussion. Her hobbies include competitive dance and her part-time job at Aeropostale.

Alorah’s favorite subject in school is math, and when asked to list her favorite teacher, Alorah said, “They all influenced me in different ways.” Alorah is currently undecided on what she is going to do after college but is looking forward to meeting new people and taking more of the classes she enjoys. Alorah’s role model is her mother, and in three words she describes herself as nice, talented, and caring.

Emily Ambruso

By Andy Franklin, 2017

Emily Ambruso, daughter of Victor and Roseann Ambruso, lives in Exeter. She is an active member of the yearbook committee and plays tennis and lacrosse for WA. Besides juggling academics and sports, Emily also works as a cashier at Gerrity’s. Her personal interests include painting and photography.

In school, Emily’s favorite subjects include psychology and physics. Her most memorable moment is when the lacrosse team won its first playoff game. Mr. Hando is the teacher who has had the greatest impact on Emily because he inspired her to take honors English.

After high school, Emily plans on going to college for psychology at either Shippensburg or Kutztown and wants to become a therapist. Upon entering college, she is most looking forward to spending time with old friends and making new ones. The person she looks up to most is her Grandma Rose, for she is surrounded by people she loves. In three words, Emily would describe herself as honest, kind, and hard-working.

Joe Zaleppa

By Victoria Webb, 2017

Joe Zaleppa resides in Falls with his parents, Diana and Gerald. He has participated in football for most of his life and is currently on the Wyoming Area football team’s defensive line. His hobbies include football, fishing, and hunting.

Joe’s most memorable moments at Wyoming Area were made with all of his friends goofing off in the lunchroom. Two teachers that made an impact on Joe were Coach Fanti, because he’s totally awesome, and Mrs. Mennig, because she made math fun and enjoyable for him.

After graduating, Joe plans to attend college. He is most looking forward to all of the college football games he will be able to attend. After college, he plans to achieve his dreams. His role models are NFL players Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney. Joe described himself as funny, cool, and big.

Kelly Clarke

By Hanna Weiss, 2017

Kelly Clarke resides in the town of West Wyoming with her parents Michael and Brenda Clarke. Kelly started playing field hockey in 10th grade and also participated in track and field. She also works about 15 hours a week at Tony’s Pizza. She enjoys taking dance and participates in Drama Club, Student Council, History Club, Chorus, and Journalism Club.

Some of Kelly’s favorite classes include biology and psychology. One of her most memorable moments at Wyoming Area is running for class president her junior year and being elected. Kelly’s favorite teachers are Mrs. Wall and Mrs. Carroll because they both teach great subjects and help students learn about life.

Kelly’s plans after graduating high school include attending the University of Scranton. She is undecided on what to go for but is interested in biology and nursing. She is most looking forward to meeting new people, being independent, and starting the next chapter of her life. After college, she aspires to one day have a family, a successful career, and would love to have a house by a beach.

Kelly’s biggest role model in life is her mother, because she would not be who she is today without her, she inspires her everyday whether she knows it or not. Kelly describes herself in three words as happy, friendly, and funny.


For Sunday Dispatch

Information provided by the Wyoming Area Journalism Club.