Meet the Warriors: WA journalism students interview seniors

For Sunday Dispatch | November 26th, 2015 8:37 am

Josh Hannis

By Rebecca Crawford, 2016

Josh Hannis, son of Cheryl and James Hannis, resides in Harding. Josh has a job and works about 10 hours a week. His hobbies include working on cars and being outside. His favorite classes are autocad, gym, and math. Josh’s most memorable moments at Wyoming Area took place in the lunchroom during his junior year.

His favorite teacher at Wyoming Area is Mr. Delucca. Josh has been in one of Mr. Delucca’s classes every year since his freshman year. After high school, Josh plans to go to school to become an auto mechanic. He is looking forward to dorming and learning about cars.

After college, Josh hopes to become a manager in a garage. He looks up to his father James Hannis as his role model. Josh describes himself as fun, confident, and competitive.

Rachael Solano

By Hanna Weiss, 2017

Rachael Solano is the daughter of Joan Solano Romanowski and Frederick Solano. She resides in West Pittston. Rachael is a member of the volleyball, basketball, and track and field teams. She enjoys participating in Student Council and History Club and her hobbies include baking and playing sports.

Some of Rachael’s favorite classes include science and English. One of her most memorable moments at Wyoming Area is spending time with her volleyball team. Rachael’s favorite teacher is Senora Marianacci because she helped her throughout her high school career.

After graduating from high school, Rachael plans to attend college. She is undecided on which college but she knows she wants to major in physical therapy. She is looking forward to learning and making new friends. After college she aspires to get a job, buy a house, a car, and start a family. Rachael’s parents are her role models. She describes herself as caring, understanding, and nice.

Jacob Yarmey

By Allison Vukovich, 2017

Jacob Yarmey, son of Melissa and Charles Yarmey, resides in Wyoming. He is a member of History Club, and has played defense for the football team since 2010. When he isn’t participating in school activities he enjoys hunting, fishing, and being outdoors.

When asked to look back on his high school years, Jacob says one thing he will always remember is the 11th grade lunch table “tomfoolery.” His favorite subjects are history, psychology, and science. One teacher that has influenced him the most is Mrs. Mennig because she has made math enjoyable for him for the first time in his school career.

After graduation, Jacob plans to attend college for environmental science or fishery biology. He is looking forward to the college atmosphere and being on his own. After college he wants to get a job and move down south, somewhere warm. Jacob looks up to his father as a role model. He describes himself as funny and smart.

Josh Hannis Hannis
Rachael Solano Solano
Jacob Yarmey Yarmey

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