Meet the Warriors: Wyoming Area Journalism students pen senior interviews

For Sunday Dispatch | December 23rd, 2015 9:32 am

Darell Edmonds

By Kevin Pish, 2016

Darell Edmonds, son of Gary and Jennifer Edmonds, lives in Exeter. He is a member of the Drama Club and plays forward for the Wyoming Area Varsity soccer team. He also works 13 hours a week at McDonalds. Outside of school, Darell performs with The Phoenix Performing Arts Centre. His favorite subjects in school are English, writing, music, psychology, and sociology.

His most memorable moment in his years at Wyoming Area was scoring his first varsity goal for his team. Darell’s favorite teacher is Mrs. Seiger, his eighth grade English teacher, she introduced him to poetry and helped him with his writing. After graduation, Darell plans on attending college at Wilkes to major in psychology. When entering college, he hopes to meet new people. After college, Darell plans on being a psychiatrist or a counselor because he wants to help people with their emotional problems. Darell’s role model is Mrs. Caroll because she enjoys what she does and has a lot of fun doing it. Words that expressively describe him are passionate, energetic, and realistic.

Ian Dobosh

By Rachel Johnson, 2017

Ian Dobosh, son of Taetra and John Dobosh, currently lives in Exeter. Ian enjoys spending time with the other members of the Wyoming Area Drama Club. He also likes listening to music and singing. His favorite teacher is Mr. Hando because he is “the man” and Ian enjoys going to any class that Mr. Hando teaches.

After high school, Ian plans to attend LCCC because he has not decided what to major in. Ian’s main goal is to pursue a career that will allow him to independently support himself. His role model is his grandfather. In three words Ian describes himself as simple, quiet, and awesome.

Megan Wysocki

By Dominique Denisco, 2016

Megan Wysocki resides in Harding with her parents Theresa and Edmund. Megan is a member of Student Council and both the Journalism and History clubs, as well as Wyoming Area’s volleyball and basketball teams. When she’s not participating in extracurricular activities, Megan can be found babysitting, painting, or having fun with her friends.

Fueled by her interest in the field of science, Megan hopes to study pre-optometry, with an undergrad in biology, at one of the local universities. At whatever school she chooses, Megan is most looking forward to beginning a new chapter in her life. One filled with meeting new people and gaining the knowledge necessary for her to achieve her goals.

Of all her years spent at Wyoming Area, Megan will most fondly remember her first ever Wyoming Area volleyball victory, and the everyday applause given in her AP English class.

Ryan Songaila

By Morgan Maslousky, 2017

Ryan Songaila, son of Lori and Tom Songaila, resides in Harding. Ryan enjoys spending time hunting and fishing. His favorite subjects in school are history and psychology.

Upon entering college, Ryan would like to major in something dealing with marine life. The one person he looks up to is his grandfather. Three words Ryan would use to describe himself are champ, nice, and humble.


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Information provided by Wyoming Area Journalism Club.