Luzerne County generates $22,050 selling unclaimed PFA weapons

By Jennifer Learn-Andes - | February 10th, 2016 4:01 pm

Luzerne County received $22,050 by selling an extensive inventory of weapons seized in old protection-from-abuse cases, county Acting Manager C. David Pedri announced Wednesday.

Jack Earl Kauffman, a licensed gun dealer from Myerstown, Pennsylvania, submitted the highest proposal in response to the county sheriff department’s request for proposals.

The inventory purchased by Kauffman included 66 handguns, 141 rifles and shotguns and assorted knives, swords, bows and BB and pellet guns, Pedri said.

The revenue will be deposited in the sheriff department’s budget, he said.

County Sheriff Brian Szumski said the sale will free up storage space and reduce liability.

The weapons have been piling up in the sheriff ’s office through several administrations dating back to the early 1990s. The buyer had to agree the county has no liability for any injuries or property damage resulting from use of the sold property, officials said.

Weapons are considered abandoned if they have gone unclaimed for three years after a PFA lapses. The county obtained the required clearance from a judge to sell the weapons.

Some items that were confiscated through past restraining orders can’t be legally sold and must be destroyed, such as stun guns and illegal fireworks, Szumski has said.

By Jennifer Learn-Andes

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