Officials: Fox that attacked woman in Pittston tested positive for rabies

By Travis Kellar - | June 7th, 2016 10:26 am

PITTSTON — A fox that attacked a woman in Pittston has tested positive for rabies, according to officials.

The gray fox had attacked a woman on Winter Street in Pittston and bit her several times, according to a news release from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

The news release did not indicate when the attack happened.

The fox was submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Health Laboratory in Lionville, where it tested positive for rabies. The woman who was bitten will receive post-exposure rabies treatment, the release said.

Officials said no domestic animals were known to be exposed to the fox, but added that since the area is home to a high population of feral cats, it is possible that some of those animals have also been exposed to the rabies virus.

Residents are advised to avoid contact with all wild animals, including feral cats.

Rabies law

Pennsylvania law requires all dogs and non-feral cats three months of age and older to be vaccinated against rabies. Booster vaccinations must be administered periodically to maintain lifelong immunity. Failure to comply with the law may result in a fine of up to $300.

Residents that believe they encounter an animal that may have rabies are urged to contact local law enforcement or a local Pennsylvania Game Commission office.

By Travis Kellar

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