PA American Water: Opening of valves may cause temporary water discoloration, no new breaks

By Geri Gibbons -


    Rumors of water main breaks on the West Side are just rumors.

    On Wednesday, crews from Pennsylvania American Water opened valves that had been closed over the past two days due to a water main break in West Pittston.

    West Side police said several residents had contacted the water company about possible breaks and were assured the activity was due to maintenance by the water company.

    According to Susan Turcmanovich from PA American Water, as the valves open, reverses in water flow cause discoloration that could last for a few days as the company moves through West Side communities opening valves.

    By Geri Gibbons

    Reach Geri Gibbons at 570-991-6117 or on Twitter @TLGGibbons

    Reach Geri Gibbons at 570-991-6117 or on Twitter @TLGGibbons

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