Sunday Dispatch celebrates 70th anniversary: Four Vehicles Figure In West Pittston Cillision in 1947

March 17th, 2017 12:16 pm

Editor’s note: The Sunday Dispatch is celebrating its 70th anniversary. Information printed here originally appeared in the March 2, 1947 of the newspaper and is reprinted here exactly as it first appeared.

Hampered by the extremely icy roads, four motorists in West Pittston skidded about Luzerne avenue, that borough in billiard fashion at 8:45 last night, according to a report on file at Town Hall. No personal injuries were reported and the bulk of the damage was reported to have been confined to the fenders of the four vehicles.

It all started when Samuel Smart of 328 Tedrick street, Pittston, who was parked facing west, pulled out and bumped in to a car driven in the same direction by Anthony Mirisola, of Burbank Calif. Mirisola’s automobile then skidded into a vehicle operated by Harold Seward, of 324 Franklin street, West Pittston, who was driving in a easterly direction. Seward then slid into an automobile owned by Arthur McCormick of 135 Philadelphia avenue, West Pittston, which was parked nearby.