Sunday Dispatch celebrates 70 years: Local Iceman Labors 25 Yearrs With Only Three Days Off

March 17th, 2017 12:31 pm

Editor’s note: The Sunday Dispatch is celebrating its 70th anniversary. Information printed here first appeared in the March 2, 1947 edition and is reprinted here exactly as originally appeared.

Ray Griffin, the well-known ice man for Newcomb Brothers, can be seen day in and day out, rain or shine, hot or cold, carrying his wooden tub, from truck to customer. Mr. Griffin has been with the coal and ice firm for over twenty five years and during that time has more than established himself as a loyal and faithful employee.

Ray has taken only three days away from his work during all the time that he has been peddling ice; and it isn’t that he is “frozen” in his job either as his employer encourages vacations. “I’d rather work” said Ray when asked why he did not take a little time off. He and Mrs. griffin have three sons, one of whom is with the Newcomb Firm, and one daughter, Mrs. William Fulkerson, of Wyoming.