Ronald Voveris of Yatesville pens poem about earth’s beauty

August 20th, 2015 11:45 am

A Moment

As I stood on a hill,

there came a thrill.

Right before my eyes,

were billowy clouds, brightly shown in deep blue skies.

Everywhere that one stood,

Was beauty bestowed upon us, oh so good!

We received this gift and were lucky to have seen it,

it is the beauty of Earth and the sky above, while I stand or sit.

Our land and sky are true works of art.

just like people, to be loved, let us not impart.

Every day there is beauty everywhere one goes,

with a change in seasons, there might be white snows.

Sometimes we get rain or balmy breezes,

and other months there comes precipitation that freezes.

Everything has a purpose, we think,

some we understand, and others pass us by in a blink.

Look at a waterfall or Mother Nature in its true form,

there’s beauty everywhere, and it’s part of the norm.

All one has to do is stop, look, and admire,

because our world is beautiful, created by someone much higher.

Ronald Voveris