Letter to the Editor: West Wyoming Borough council member thanks those involved in bridge projects

October 15th, 2015 1:47 pm

Dear Editor,

The following comments are regarding the bridges in West Wyoming Borough. The bridge located on Shoemaker Avenue is completely finished. The other bridge on West 8th Street, which is located on the borderline of West Wyoming and Kingston Township, is almost finished.

I would like to thank PennDOT for choosing West Wyoming for two new bridges, one to be built on Shoemaker Avenue and the other on the borderline of West Wyoming and Kingston Township. Also, I would like to thank the engineers and the architectural and mechanical designers from PennDOT for two well-designed bridges.

I would also like to thank all of the utility contractors for not disrupting any of the services including gas, electric, phone, cable and sewer before the bridges were demolished. They were moving lines around for the two new bridges before construction.

I would like to thank James Marzolino of Kriger Construction for a job well done. The Shoemaker Avenue bridge was completed before the finish target date. If you look closely at the concrete work, there are no hairline cracks in the deck of the bridge, sidewalks, curbs and retaining walls.

I would like to thank Larry Plesh, engineer from Luzerne County Road and Bridge, for the loan of different signs for our borough streets during construction.

I would like to thank PennEastern Engineers and Mike Amato for informing council and residents about the progress of both bridges during construction at council meetings.

I would also like to thank Bob Hivish, project manager from Kriger Construction and Walt, project manager from PennDOT, for keeping me well informed from day one to finish on the progress of both bridges. They kept me informed so I could answer any questions from the residents or council about the project.

Finally, I would like to thank the residents of West Wyoming for their patience during construction of the two new bridges. Also, thank you to anyone I may have missed who were involved in this project.

Daniel Grescavage


West Wyoming Borough