Maria Remembers: Flag Day, Father’s Day and more reasons to celebrate

Maria Remembers Maria Capolarella-Montante


    June 14 was ideal for flying our beloved flag. On Tuesday, the sun was shining, skies were clear blue dotted with white clouds, and a cool breeze gently flowed. What a perfect background as the breeze unfurled the mighty stars and stripes.

    One can almost hear the voice of the flag, saying, “Look at me. I am the proud symbol of our beloved country. I have a courageous beginning as I was designed by the great General George Washington and sewn by the infamous Betsy Ross in the year 1776 as we fought the British for our independence. I have been carried into many battles since that time by brave and valiant patriots and always with the same resolve to fly over the land of the free and the home of the brave. Respect and love me and be reminded of the blood that was and is shed for our independence.”

    I had to leave my thoughts of the flag for it was almost noon and had to meet the “Lunch Bunch of ‘52” at Agolino’s and afterwards to run a few errands. Lunch was pleasant and lively with Joe Joyce, Wayne Williams, Dorothy Manganaro, Evelyn Levendowski, Shirley Bone and Theresa Ormando in attendance.

    My last stop of the day was at Fino’s Drug Store. Parked the car and walked along the curb street side when I looked down and there laying on the ground was a small American flag mangled, torn, dirty looking, forlorn, as if hiding from the humiliation. Was it coincidence or providence finding this discarded flag on a day of prominence and celebration?

    I bent to pick it up and was appalled at its condition and wondered how long it had been forsaken, how many cars had driven over it and how many people walked by and ignored it.

    I grasped that little flag and took it home to share this mishap with my husband Chet. He has a way of making things better with his magical comforting expression, “Don’t worry, everything will be alright.” If that doesn’t work, he resorts to singing. He has a song for every and all occasions.

    Speaking of songs, we had the pleasure of singing “Happy Birthday”on May 30 to Chet on the celebration of his 97th birthday.

    The years have graced him with a love of God, great sense of humor, love of music, golfing, dancing, crossword puzzles, and now computer games. He has a formula for longevity which is his alone to tell.

    Family celebrations

    The months of May and June have been filled with many occasions to celebrate and send congratulations. There is no greater pleasure to grandparents than to boast of their grandchildren’s accomplishments. Chet and I send our congratulations and love to Nicolas Gem Erturkunar as he graduated summa cum laude from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. He graduated with a degree in finance and management. During his four years of studies he attained the dean’s list each semester. He has accepted a position with the Wells Fargo Banks located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

    Nicolas’s parents are Cemil and Michele Capolarella Erturkuner of Richardson, Texas.

    Boasting of another grandson with pride and love, Stephen Jad Mazurkivich has completed his first year of medical school at the Commonwealth Medical College in Scranton. He has joined the United States Air Force and will attend officer’s training school in Alabama beginning July 1. Upon completion of the training he will be commissioned a Second Lieutenant and will then continue studies for a degree in medicine.

    Stephen is the son of Stephen and Caroline Montante Mazurkivich Sr., former residents of West Wyoming now residing in Ranco Cucamonga, California.

    Fr. Adonizio’s anniversary

    On Sunday, June 5, Fr. Joseph Adonizio celebrated 60 years of ordination to the priesthood. Father, a well known prominent gentleman priest and educator, is held in high regard by all who are fortunate to have experienced his loving guidance. Congratulations Father for doing God’s work so faithfully for 60 years.

    Art walk success

    There is no doubt of the huge success of the Second Friday Art Walk. The sidewalks were alive with people walking in double lines. The art work is superb, spirits reached the sky, and pride was evident on the faces of those of us who remember Pittston of yesteryear.

    Our thanks and appreciation to our “Downtown Girl” Atty. Rose Randazzo and Maria Livrone, proprietress of the Arts Seen Gallery, innovators and organizers of the art walk, and to Michael Lombardo, who is the heart of Pittston’s Renaissance.

    To all the Dads

    Not to be forgotten — today is Father’s Day! To the men who are blessed to be called father and enjoy the love and respect of his children enjoy the day. Happy Father’s Day!

    Maria Remembers Maria Capolarella-Montante Remembers Maria Capolarella-Montante

    Reach the Sunday Dispatch newsroom at 570-655-1418 or email

    Reach the Sunday Dispatch newsroom at 570-655-1418 or email

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