Letter to the Editor: County councilman extends offer to talk about land banks

July 30th, 2015 9:58 am

In response to a letter to the editor written by Louise Edwards (“Councilman in left field?,” July 26), I attempted to communicate directly with her, but a male who answered the phone said she was not interested in hearing what I had to say.

Obviously, Ms. Edwards does not have her facts clear and uses the paper to express herself and is not open to discussion; yet, she initiated a topic I know somewhat about. I would pass on to her that my presentation to the Luzerne County Council regarding a land bank was to include and be presented by others who understood the process. I never professed to know all there is to know about land banks, and was hopeful county council would be pleased to learn more, as I hope I would also.

I was not seeking to be the presenter, only a conduit. I am sorry Ms. Edwards is not open to discussion but rather throws stones and rushes away when confronted.

I would offer Ms. Edwards an opportunity to come to council to discuss her displeasure in an open forum. Or if she preferred, I would sit with her at any time, at a place of her choosing, to discuss the merits of my proposal.

Edd Brominski


Luzerne County Council