Letter to the Editor: Turn your grocery store triumphs into a boon for local food banks

August 15th, 2015 3:04 pm

To everyone who has been bitten with extreme coupon clipping, as I have, please check the shelf life that is marked on items you buy. Being excited about a bargain can be a wonderful opportunity for you to share your savings with charitable organizations.

For example: Stocking tons of canned soups, vegetables and fruits in your cupboards or basement does not always reap its reward. Canned foods spoil soon after their expiration date. Perishable products such as noodles, flour, cereal and almost anything packaged in paper boxes will lose flavor and texture, and may even house all kinds of bugs.

So if you have the compulsion to buy excessive amounts of groceries, as I do, because of special offers combined with coupons, please share with someone who could use a little help feeding their family. Food banks will appreciate your generosity. You may find parting with your treasured purchases very rewarding.

Carol Matinas