Letter to the Editor: Entertainment venues lacking in Wyoming Valley for teens and young adults

August 25th, 2015 11:25 pm

When I was a teenager, I spent many nights at the arcade in the Wyoming Valley Mall. It was always a safe spot that gave us quality entertainment at a relatively low price. I knew when I was there that my friends and I were going to have a great time.

Today, the arcade is gone, replaced by a shop selling pool tables and gaming accessories. The memories and good times still remain fresh in my mind. If our current youth had a similar place to spend their time, our society might just become that much safer.

It seems that downtown Wilkes-Barre focuses on catering to our college residents. They, too, could benefit from such a venue. Just the other day, friends and I were discussing going out of the area to go to an adult-oriented arcade.

Developers and local business owners, please keep our young adults in mind when bringing new venues to our area. I can probably count the number of local bars on all my fingers and toes. Unfortunately, I have to look outside the area to find attractions that cater to non-alcoholic entertainment for teens and young adults my age.

Gregory S. Wolovich Jr.