Letter to the Editor: Trio of Exeter council candidates seek to restore ‘responsibility’ to government

October 24th, 2015 4:21 pm

There is no doubt many Exeter residents are frustrated with the current borough council majority and its lack of leadership, forward motion and integrity as well as its reckless wasteful spending.

More than $330,000. Almost a half million dollars. To fire a 29-year veteran borough employee. Against the legal advice offered by their own lawyers. Unacceptable!

We are the Committee for a Better Exeter, endorsed candidates for Exeter Borough Council – David Balent, John Morgan, and Ron Rome.

We are, and will be, the only candidates and council members committed to restoring effectiveness, efficiency, openness, and financial accountability and responsibility to Exeter’s government.

Mr. Morgan is an incumbent council member seeking re-election to a new four-year term. Mr. Balent and Mr. Rome are first-time candidates seeking four-year terms. The three of us are running as a three-member ticket.

If successful in our effort to earn election to borough council, we pledge to work for and toward:

• Improved financial and fiscal responsibility when handling taxpayer money.

• Consistent and uniform enforcement of building and zoning code regulations.

• Local government that is open, transparent, participatory and collaborative.

• Efforts to not only establish an environment wherein existing borough businesses are maintained, but also new businesses are welcome, invited and encouraged to start up in Exeter Borough.

• Support for our emergency service first responders by way of improved and enhanced public safety initiatives and increased oversight intended to bring additional safety and security to borough residents.

We are the voices Exeter Borough needs. We are the change that has tomorrow looking better than ever for Exeter Borough!

We humbly and respectfully ask for your support and votes on Nov. 3.

David Balent

John Morgan


Ron Rome


Borough council