Letter to the Editor: Give Independents your votes for Wyoming Area School Board

October 26th, 2015 2:56 pm

Deanna Farrell wants you to believe Wyoming Area is in good financial shape, and it should be after her team raised our taxes three out of four years.

Unfortunately, Wyoming Area is in financial dire straits. Farrell along with her running mates put Wyoming Area School District in another $4 million debt in less than four years. Wyoming Area’s financial adviser stated our district will be bankrupt by January or February 2016 unless the state comes through. Did you get your school property tax bill last month? Why not reserve money like other local districts?

Farrell states that a feasibility study is complete. Are taxpayers aware that this study was complete in April? Estelle Campenni has not called a single public meeting to discuss the results yet; it cost Wyoming Area taxpayers $54,000. She doesn’t want to address what schools will be closed before election.

Farrell states that members of the board of directors are all on the same page. Anyone who attends the school board meetings can attest to this falsehood.

Wyoming Area’s baseball season came very close to being canceled this past season, and Ms. Farrell is activities chair. Her friend, Estelle Campenni, didn’t get her choice for a coach and waited days before the deadline to call a meeting. Hall of Famer Ron Musto was hired and Campenni opposed him. Can you imagine what the players went through while other teams were training?

As activities chair, what happened to our beautiful tennis courts? Slowly the pavement cracked and the courts were neglected, causing Wyoming Area’s students to use another district’s tennis courts. What an embarrassment for Wyoming Area. Our students and district deserve better. Why did your majority neglect adult recreation? The Wyoming Area residents, who paid for the tennis courts and the swimming pool, should be able to use them as past boards allowed. Seniors deserve better.

Our support staff’s contract expired more than a year ago. Thanks to elections, this chairperson finally called for a long overdue negotiating session this past week.

Ms. Farrell claims that the board is working together. Why did Campenni, at a Wyoming Area work session, vehemently oppose Carmen Bolin’s appointment to the Wyoming Area School Board? Carmen wanted to take his late brother John’s seat on the board. Hopefully voters will remember John this election. Is there any limit to these embarrassments?

Wyoming Area’s electorate has a choice this election. America was built on independence and there are five Independent candidates running for four-year terms for five open seats.

If taxpayers are satisfied with their recent tax bills and this board’s actions, vote the incumbents. If not, please vote Independent for our children.

Matthew Bartoli


Wyoming Area School Board