Letter to the Editor: Bartoli family appreciates Pittston Area community

September 23rd, 2016 6:26 pm

Dear Editor:

Eighteen years ago, a little girl named Ellie was born. We learned Ellie wasn’t going to be like everyone else. People told us her life would be different. Last Friday night, we realized how different her life really is.

Two weeks ago, Ellie quickly learned that she was voted onto Pittston Area’s 2016 Homecoming Court. At the pep rally last Friday, we heard her name announced as the homecoming queen. The look on her face was something we, nor she, will ever forget. She was so shocked and happy to be Homecoming Queen. We were so overwhelmed and proud of her for who she has become. It was heartwarming to see the many friends she has made at Pittston Area, the support she receives and how the school has embraced her as one of their own.

The homecoming ceremony on Friday night was magical for Ellie. To watch our little girl, who was going to be different, ride around the field, walk to the stage, be crowned homecoming queen and then speak publicly from her heart to thank so many was truly amazing for us.

We are so thankful to so many. We are thankful to the entire senior class of 2017 who honored Ellie with this nomination. We are thankful to the four amazing young women who were on the court with Ellie: Mia Barbieri, Taryn Ashby, Julia Parrick and Haley Farrell. These young women wanted Ellie to shine in this moment and supported her unconditionally.

We want to thank Patrick Mitchell for escorting Ellie on the biggest night of her life. We thank the faculty, coaches, staff and administration at the Pittston Area School District who have done an amazing job of supporting her education and social life and to the entire community for embracing her on a daily basis. We also want to thank the Sunday Dispatch for the story this past Sunday. It was a very thoughtful and heartwarming piece.

We have always been proud to call Pittston Area our home. When Ellie was born, we wondered what life would be like for her. It has become clear to us now that the people of this wonderful community are really the ones that have enriched Ellie’s life by embracing her and treating her as they would any child. For that, we are forever grateful and humbled. Thank you to all of you!

Eileen Bartoli


and Frank Bartoli



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