Letter to the Editor: Reader says exercise classes needed for seniors

January 22nd, 2016 1:11 pm

Dear Editor:

I read recently where the Pittston YMCA is receiving $20,000 from a grant to be used for programs to help the senior citizens live a healthier life. I’m all for that!

Within the last year or so ,the Y has cancelled two water exercising classes because of no instructor. These classes are very beneficial for anyone with osteoporosis, arthritis or knee/hip replacement. We also had low-impact aerobics and low-impact step aerobics to promote better posture and balance. They are also discontinued.

The Y must resume these classes even if the classes aren’t filled. We are not always able to attend because of doctor appointments (my cousin says she has seven doctors — one for every part of her body) or we are babysitting for our grandchildren. We need to keep ourselves going. It shouldn’t be about money; it’s about living a healthy life. Isn’t that the motto of the Greater Pittston YMCA?

I’d like to thank the local libraries in our area for the free computer classes and to Geisinger Gold for the free membership to our local gyms.

Dorothy M. Williams