Ashley Machine holds Emanon Country Club golf league lead

For Sunday Dispatch | August 14th, 2015 1:50 pm

FALLS — Ashley Machine defeated Selenski Insurance, 2-1, to hold onto first place in the Emanon Golf League. Len Coleman’s even-par 34 and John Mulhern’s 35 lead Ashley Machine. Tom Jorda (40) was low for Selenski Insurance.

Falls Bridge Deli defeated O’Connor Plumbing, 2.5-.5, to keep behind the leaders. Mark Eyet’s even-par 34 and Tony Zielen’s 36 lead the Deli. Ted Matthews and Tom Kerrigan each had 38 for O’Connor Plumbing.

Red Mill defeated Central Air Freight, 3-0, to move into third place with Mike Lazevnick and Len Benfante each having an even-par 34. Pip McDermott’s 40 was low for Central Air Freight.

Bryan Construction kept its playoff hopes alive with a 2-1 win over St. Stephen’s Booster Club. Mike Fiscus, Sr. (41) and Pat Fiscus (43) lead Bryan Construction. Tim Stott (36) was low for the boosters.


Ashleys: 31.5-16.5

Falls Deli: 30.5-17.5

Red Mill: 27.5-20.5

Selenskis: 27-21

St. Stephen’s: 26-22

O’Connors: 20-28

Bryans: 16-32

Central Air: 13.5-34.5

For Sunday Dispatch

Information provided by Jerry Gavin