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Dave Favata 17-14 Because G told me so

David Favata Jr. 5-3 It's baseball, right?

Mike Pugliese 28-10 Great way for Ray Lewis to end his career.

Robert Grabosky 29-23 OT. Second SB ring for Ray Lewis to climax a Hall of Fame career.

Chet Kaspriski 31-24 Quote the raven nevermore

Dale Klush 31- 20 A killer game for R Lewis.

Brady Noone 21-16 Ravens Feast On Kapernick

Deann Patte 27-24 For me and Dave

Marie Ferretti 33-32 With luck

Sue Renfer 28-27 Ravens and big, smart and mean

George Krakowski III 24-21 SF can't be 6-0 in Super Bowls

Jack Donahue 36-28 Jerry Jones need to retire

Evelyn Tetlak 26-12 One for Ray Lewis

Marty Zambricki 42-27 Running game

Jim Jones 24-17 Did you know Ric Ocasek is from Baltimore

Paul Fox 24-21 There gonna out Fox ‘em

Pat Szumski 27-21 Ravens' Harbaugh Andy Reid's protégé

John Phillips 24-17 Best Quarterback

John Kunicki 31-28 Ravens will prevail

David Mikiewicz 27-23 Only Pittsburgh will have six

Gene Kudey 24-19 Piece of cake

Dan Wall 28-24 AFC North too much to handle. Steeler Man

Harold Maikranz 31-24 Poe's Ravens fly high

Patrick Pisano 27-23 AFC

Robyn Struckus 30-14 Ravens will soar past the 49ers

Bella Struckus 24-14 Cuz Mommy is always right

Dorothy Dominick 24-10 Go East Coast!!!!

Jerry Pace 24-21 They will soar into the winner's nest like a beautiful Raven.

Robert Kobilinski 7-0 The Ravens only win the SB when they don't play the Steelers in the playoffs

Michael Carey 24-23 David Akers misses the extra point with no time left in regulation!

Tom Schappert 28-20 Ray Lewis retirement party

Carol Charney 27-14 Bo's smoked wings make the party

Steve Martin 17-14 Late field goal

Jack McDonnell 24-21 The better Harbaugh

Joe Lukash 28-24 Harbaugh will not get out-coached in this one

Marcia Tomaszewski 27- 23 Because my Knight says that's going to be the final score

Boomer Smithonic 20-17 Just a guess

Marina Smithonic 28-24 For the Zubas

Joe Suchocki 28-24 Because they benched Alex smith

Emily Suchocki 27-17 Ravens Rox

Grace O'Neill 28-14 What? No 3-pointers?

Dan McGraw 45-42 Double OT. The NFL is rigged

Marlene Ruby 31-145 Go Flacco

Don Carsia 20-17 Eat at Bo's

Katelynn Sekelsky 24-21 I am Ray Lewis

Alex Rielinger 28-17 Ray Lewis final ring

Vicky Prabel 21-17 Don't want the 9ers to get another one

Rick Notari 21-17 It's been a bad year so far. It might as well get worse

Joe Gillespie 21-17 Get this over, start spring training

Bernie Cassetori 35-34 WWF scripted, Ray Lewis retires as winner

Kevin Schwerdtman 23-13 Because I follow Bernie, whatever he says

Kevin Platukus 21-17 The second best team in the AFC north

Mark Franchetti 21-14 Ray Lewis wins

Bridget Brogan 28-17 Flacco has a great day...

Bill Whyte 35-14 Eric told me so...Leza Thornton-21-20, Going against the family

Judy Krifka 30-27 This is Jerome Bettis all over fix is in for Ray Lewis

Tony Burns 30-24 Ray into the sunset

TAR Argenio 24-20 Rams next year

Clark Herron 27-24 When are they going to get Todd for halftime?

Dave Amico 27-24 You would not beat the Pack

Lisa Gillespie 31-10 My brother-in-law made me pick them

Bob Bartoli 21-14 Who knows?

Kim Roman 24-21 Here we go Phillies

Stan Timinski 20-10 This year's Cinderella team

Cindy Timinski 20-10 That must be one heck of a glass slipper

Theresa Ryzner 27-24 Too bad RG-3

Robert Todd 24-20 Ray retires with his ring

Maria Cap Montante 28-21 Go with the underdog

Karyn Montigney 21-17 I like that name, Ravens

Russell Hryvnak 30-27 Way cooler team colors

Kyle Magda 20-19 Yes, that close

Stephen Nestorick 23-21 Anquan so strong Boldin

Amy Zalewski 23-17 It's their year

Jordanna Cooke 27-15 They trashed the Patriots so they have my respect

Shelbey Colwell 35-16 Name is cooler

Ross Stilman 19-7 I don't care but my best friend is a Ravens fan

Nick Tuttle 42-39 Colin is still a rookie and Ray Lewis will remind him of that

Cody Bellas 32-30 A safety in overtime

Brett Harris 16-14 In a yawner

Adhem Zaghloul 30-28 Yep, that's how you spell it

Trish Reznick 25-17 Better eye candy

James Wesser 49-41 Flacco makes believers out of everyone

Chris Miko 30-26 Defense

Corey Davis 28-17 Just plain better

Jill Bodek 35-21 Just because

Shawn Ravenfire 21-14 Are you kidding? Look at my name

Zach Benko 17-10 Good numbers

Moe Mullarkey 27-24 I'm psychic

Al Kridlo 6-2 And I'm not so sure about the six

Ryan Joyce 21-7 Ray Lewis, nuff said

Deanna Matthews 27-16 Wish Clay were playing

Anne Scheers 30-17 My dad's name is actually Billy Scheers … as in the one and only

Shannon Banks 20-16 Take it to the banks

Michael Delmonico 22-19 Do you know they sell Delmonico chocolates in Maryland?

Casey Martin 28-24 They took out the Patriots

Cal Clark 21-12 Best Rush album

Matt Galchefski 31-27 Somebody's gotta win

Nicholas Tisdel 27-24 49ers are gonna wish they had Flacco jackets

Jason Starks 20-16 Better all around coaching and playing

Billy Harrington 34-28 Baltimore is closer

Amanda Hamilton 35-21 I just want them to win

Ashlynn Elmore 28-21 Because more people like the 49ers

EJ Melton 35-27 I'm a Michigan girl. I don't have a dog in this fight

Nick Scatena 21-17 Ray Lewis gets MVP and retires on top

Mickey O'Donovan 28-17 Lewis, Reed Suggs are an unstoppable combo

Devaney Wood 35-13 Ray Rice is awesome

Alyssa Zekoski 21-14 Ravens have waited a long time

Alex Ellsworth 20-17 Ravens have hot wings

Jesus Chavez 17-14 Flacco will prove he's elite

Rico Chavez 30-21 Ray Lewis is going to eat someone

Brent Robbins 28-17 Get your beer at Sab's

Faith Musinski 21-7 I heart Flacco

Dave Amico 35-31 Cause they beat my Packers

Matt Marriggi Ravens 27-17 Ray Lewis' steroids will pay off!

Sally Tomaszewski 17 - 14. I like birds, so my Rave'n review is Baltimore to fly over San Fran

Joseph Coyne V 28 – 24 Let the tailgating begin!

Clarice Coyne 23 – 17 Hope there is no flight delay!

Melanie Fisher 21-13 Betting against my dad since I was 10. He's a big 49ers fan.

Sarah Griffiths 24-21 Because my boyfriend told me

Elena DeAngelo 40-25 Nothing wrong with taking a chance

Kelsey Petroski 21-14 Because the 49ers suck

Josh Lewis 13-10 Ravens are my team

Christopher Tigue 27-14 Because a friend told me so

Edwin Agosto 20-17 Because I know

Matt Montella 21-13 Santa told me

Brittany Howells 30-26 Just a gut feeling

Jada Bracero 17-14 My daddy told me the 49ers suck

Charles Wells 29-16 It's a Jerry Garcia thing

Michael McGann 24-16 I had a vision

Scott Wood 42-36 Which would probably mean a really good game

Kristeen Kania 37-13 Gold is overrated

Aron Wood 26-14 Three words: Edgar. Allan. Poe.

Henry O'Hop 47-39 Gotta go with the underdog

Hart Lang 49-33 Don't laugh

Jim Striefsky31-21 GO RAVENS! (Actual Ravens fan)

Bill Coleman 23-16 Ray Lewis dances his way into retirement.

Tony Kolativa 21-13 Go with the winner!

Ann Marie Donnora 14-6 Purple birds? Yikes!

Joanne Stemmer 21-14 I like this brother better.

Marty Swift 34-31 We need to keep the folks busy at Kevin's, Home of the $5 T-shirt.

Dawn Licata 34-14 It's the dawn of a new age

Jill Oliver 21-14 49ers Nevermore

Frank Mudlock 35-28 Raven power

Sherri Petrokonis 24-21 Go East Coast

Frank Victor 28-21 To the victor belong the spoils

Frannie Doran 28-21 Ravens are huge

Robin Sharr 21-17 Last hurrah for Ed Reed

Nancy Jakuboski 31-20 Rooting for the Ravens

Nicole Rugletic 33-14 I saw a Raven once and they're scary

Mike Baloga 31-21 Rice-a-Roni

Justin Steinberger 17-14 Love the Inner Harbor

Kimberly Thomas 28-21 A Harbaugh won't get outcoached

Ray Bernardi 32-24 Older bro

Bernie Skolnick 24-20 Should be close

Sara Blasi 28-21 If I only really knew

Joseph Grosner 24-21 FG at the buzzer

Zach Briggs 28-13 running down a dream

Lisa Billotti 30-10 John Waters is from Baltimore

Jenn Mackey 46-42 Ray Lewis several Tds

Francis Lamb 46-0 Ray Lewis rules

Sean Derwin 27-14 More Lewis

Aaron Zezza 24-17 Babe Ruth's hometown

Joe Erzar 28-17 Keep your eye on the snap

Rich Stepamski 28-26 Lewis, 17 tackles

Dalton Thomas 21-14 Hey, What's in this dip?

Jordan Collins 13-10 Will Beyonce really sing?

Kyle Charney 21-7 Terrll Suggs is good, too

Carmen Mauriello 28-14 Joe Flacco not so, so

Marty Michaels 21-14 Ray Lewis, 11 tackles

Max Kneeream 36-21 Put it on the big screen

Rob Yatsko 24-17 Jacoby Jones can be an X factor

Nancy Alberigi 33-24 Warriors rule

Mike Tracy 24-14 Sounds about right

Bart Chupka 27-20 TJ says Go 9ers

Jean Marie Radle 26-14 Nachoes at halftime

Andrew Zara 24-14 Ever heard of the Flying Burrito Brothers?

Ange Falzone 27-24 They have a song called the Streets of Baltimore

Tim Cotter 24-21 Flacco is great. Go Blue Hens

Mike Amitia 24-17 A raven will peck their eyes out

Colleen McGarry 35-28 Is it baseball season yet?

John Cituk 27-23 Flacco's year

Gennaro Zangardi 21-17 Antler spray is the real deal

Partice Bantell 24-13 Only because my cousins live there

Cathy Alba 30-17 Nina simone has a song called Baltimore

Len Pribula Jr. 30-27 The year of the Raven

Fran Ankenbrand 38-35 Ragin Ray Lewis's swan song

Jack Nardone 28-21 Flacco's a Go-Go

Jac Vidicka 24-21 It's the Raven's and Flacco's year

Rick Korpusik 27-10 Need the money

Bob Linskey 28-14 Who knows

Terry Finan 20-17 Ray-Ray gets the ring

Bryan Pesotine 31-23 The Counting Crows did a Baltimore song

Ray Demace 28-21 They got guys besides Lewis

John Hiller 23-20 Lots of veteran savy

Karen Hiller 20-13 Ravens were Scary in the Hitchcock movie

Mike Jaworski 19-14 Like Jaws

Bill Howley 27-24 Flacco is on a roll

Kevin Bests 30-27 No wonder Ray Lewis is so happy

Joe Donahue Sr. 28-13 Need my horse to come in

Joe Donahue Jr. 24-17 Dad said I had to

Katie Donahue 34-24 Same here

Erin Donahue 17-13 It's the Donahue rule

Karl Merkel 28-17 Fly Eagles Fly

Pete Chropowiski 27-17 But I'm really a Steelers and Eagles fan

Don Redding 10-6 Gonna be all defense

Joe Healey Jr. 24-14 Take thy beak from out my heart, and take thy form from off my door!' Quoth the Ravens, `Nevermore.'

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