First Posted: 9/2/2014


In John Facenda’s voice and the sounds of Sam Spence like autumn thunder crack away in the background as this story of mighty and powerful characters unfolds in a sea of green, gold and white flooding the perfectly white-laced ribbons which stretch across the green yards of the homeland known to many as the “Jake.”

The timeless beauty of ghosts galloping along with the newly-formed force enhance the colors of moral victories to the many who band around the red-clad surface, which reach out to the blades of manicured greenery. Traditions of power and might, intelligence and wit awaken the memories of years past – thick colorful prints of fonts and photography catch the eye of devoted parishioners who unveil their devotion in the form of currency as they flip through the formatted sheets searching for that image that will charge their dignified senses, for that hero will stare back at them as they marvel to who they have become.

Their expressions of pride and accomplishment will give way to the many accolades as their neighbor catches a view of the excellence artwork which creates a mental image of the adolescent years. Their attentions will soon change as the charge on the Earth’s outer crust stampedes towards the victory bell which will begin a new chapter in Warrior football that will allow the brethren of the past to come alive and breathe fire and ice as the new gridiron gang of WA forges its own stamp on the legacy prints, which embrace the backs of the many souls who follow the tribe through the many battles yet to ensue.

By termination of an existing, living and breathing season, senior hierarchy will lay down their armor next to those who have written their names on the scrolls of history. They will forever live in the hearts and minds of those who have summoned their own to take pride in battle of supremacy. Their battles few, their victories many. This class of Warriors will continue to build that ring of traditional values which have been cemented in the community by leaders of young men and women.

Good luck Warriors!

Carl Zielinski

West Pittston