Wyoming Area Catholic School collecting donations for Friends of the Poor


EXETER — Wyoming Area Catholic School Sudent Council will sponsor a collection for Friends of the Poor.

The council will assembl small Easter Baskets to distribute to the children who receive help from Friends of the Poor. In order to assemble these baskets, the council needs assistance with donations.

The classes have been assigned the following items:

Pre-K and kindergarten — Coloring vooks

First grade — Crayons

Second grade — Chileren’s toothbrushes

Third grade — Toothpaste (small)

Fourth grade — Jump ropes

Fifth grade — Sidewalk chalk

Sixth grade — Puzzles, checkers or books

Seventh grade — Marshmallow bunnies or peeps

Eighth grade — Chocolate Easter bunny

All items must be sent into the school by Friday, March 16, in order for the baskets to be assembled and given to the Friends of the Poor in time for distribution to the children.