Letter to the Editor: Little Eric’s Foundation wants to raise awareness


Dear Editor:

Little Eric’s Foundation is trying to bring awareness to September Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and is reaching out to newspapers, radio and TV to help us.

Little Eric’s Foundation (LEF) was formed four years ago after the Dec. 23, 2013 death of Eric Speicher Jr. at 14 years old after he put up a brave fight for 2 1/2 years. Our goals are to raise awareness, fund research and financially assist local children fighting this battle.

To date, we have contributed over $109,000 to researches and have financially assisted seven local children.

Our recent blanket project has helped comfort kids and families in pediatric cancer centers at MSKCC in New York City, CHOP in Philadelphia, and we have dates to visit Geisinger Danville, Lehigh Valley and Hershey Medical Center.

It is unfortunate that people are unaware of how prevalent cancer is in children and what they must endure just to reach remission, if that is even possible. In a two-week period during April, we were notified of two new kids diagnosed with cancer in our local area and, a few days ago, the relapse of another child. We need to find and reach out to kids with cancer who need our help.

This year and for years to come, we would appreciate your help in raising awareness. Gold is the significant color for childhood cancer and, on Aug.25 and 26, LEF will sell gold ribbons at a few locations in the area, asking purchasers to display the ribbons on their homes or businesses.

Superintendents of our local schools have been contacted and will ask their student to wear gold or yellow on Friday, Sept. 28, bringing awareness to kids with cancer

We have a major fund raiser planned for Thursday, Sept. 25 which is “LEF’s Casino Night, Play for a Cure” and this past May our Wiffle Ball Tournament helped raise funds.

Rosalie Cullagh

Secretary of LEF