Colorado-based election consultant Jennifer Morrell met remotely Tuesday with representatives of Luzerne County’s administration and election bureau to discuss needs it will help address.

“We had a good meeting. I thought it was very productive,” said county Acting Manager Romilda Crocamo.

Crocamo announced the hiring of The Elections Group, which includes Morrell, for $70,000 last month, saying the understaffed bureau needs help in “overseeing a well-run election” on Nov. 2.

Both Election Director Bob Morgan and Deputy Election Director Eryn Harvey have said they are open to the consultant’s ideas, and the five-citizen Election Board also agreed to cooperate with the consultant as long as the effort is yielding improvements.

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Among the issues warranting assistance that were discussed in Tuesday’s virtual session, according to Crocamo: recruiting more poll workers and ensuring they are trained and appear for duty on Election Day; improving communication with election workers on Election Day; streamlining the processing of election-related complaints; and compiling a standard operating procedure manual.

Morgan is drafting a proposed list of tasks to be addressed by the consultant, she said.

Crocamo told county council Morrell will be on site the week of Sept. 20 and continue meeting virtually with the bureau staff before then.

Morrell also is scheduled to virtually attend Wednesday’s election board meeting, which starts at 5 p.m. at the county courthouse in Wilkes-Barre. Instructions to attend remotely will be posted under the ABC meetings online link of council’s authorities/boards/commissions page at