West Pittston resident thanks West Pittston Police Sgt. Michael Turner for work during Winter Storm Stella

April 19th, 2017 2:40 pm

Dear Editor,

Just a while back, we got paralyzed by a nasty winter storm.

As my neighbors and I dug ourselves out, I noticed a familiar face in an unfamiliar place when the cavalry arrived to aid in the cleanup. It was Officer Mike Turner of the West Pittston Police Department working on the plow truck.

When you get to be my age and you go through winter storms and even a few personal storms, you can’t help tipping your hat when you see such a dedicated public official. Coincidentally, I saw Turner coming out of a local business not long after the storm. I asked him if he got hurt because I noticed him limping. He said it was nothing, but I found out he was involved in a foot chase while on duty.

In a day and age when sometimes our public officials are deemed lazy, people like Mike Turner have that extra drive you don’t see nearly enough of these days. Just down the road in a neighboring town, we have another such officer who is always working, whether he’s patrolling the streets or filling another professional capacity as a martial arts instructor teaching fitness, self defense and discipline to youngsters. You can’t help but take notice of these guys and give credit where credit is due.

These are a only a couple of these types of professionals who go above and beyond and have that motor. This type of drive and dedication takes some of the sting out of those whopping taxes we all pay.

John Disanferdinand

West Pittston