Yatesville resident pens poem about enjoying beauty of the world

October 17th, 2017 6:20 pm

Our World

It can and it’s so beautiful indeed,

just look at a plant growing from seed.

Waters flowing and appearing so pristine,

with beautiful clouds high above, which must be seen.

Even deserts have a certain aura about them, as one looks at bay.

They do have cactus, animals and insects that come out every day.

Sometimes, however, it could be windy and dusty,

or maybe even a little hot and musty.

How about a majestic mountain range located high above,

with snow cap showing, or visualizing an eagle or morning dove?

Maybe we see the ocean, so wonderful and blue,

with people enjoying, sailing, or cruising it, oh so true!

There are polar ice caps and frigid temps, always year round,

and yet located here are animals and fish that do abound.

Yes, our world has changed a lot,

with city growth, construction, climate change, and peach which is sought.

Some changes in the world are good for us all,

and one hopes for the best to come, because I see life as a ball.

— Ronald Voveris