West Pittston resident pens poem about Christmas time


Christmas Time

Christmas Time, a time for love,

A time for family and friends, to be part of,

A time for hope and faith, it’s true,

A time for prayer to hold on to…

Christmas Time, a time for caring

A time for helping others, giving and sharing,

A time for generosity, and compassion too,

A time for hearts, to open up in two…

Christmas time, a time for direction,

A time for forgiveness, and much reflection,

A time for understanding, without a doubt,

A time for reflection, to carry that out…

Christmas Time, a time for gratitude,

A time for thankfulness, be nice not rude,

A time for kidnness, always been free,

A time for goodness, for goodness will be…

Christmas time, a time to do,

A time for happiness, to get a hold of you,

A time for togetherness, that one time a year,

A time for love, and holiday cheer.

— Michael Lizza

West Pittston