Dyler Law Firms and Lombardo’s Market go undefeated in Yatesville Bocce League


YATESVILLE — The boys from Dyller Law Firm and Lombardo’s Market won all their matches this week by impressive scores.

The Market boys overcame an 8-0 deficit to win one game and then went on with ease to win their next two matches. Dyller Law Firm and the “Bocce Killers” also had some tough matches, but were able to pull through winning both of their matches.

Dyller Law Firm consists of “Big” Guy DePascale, Barry Dyller, Dino Rideghiero and Paul Gattuso.


Lombardo’s Market, 7-1, 94 points

Dyller Law Firm, 5-3, 82

Blandina Apartments, 5-3, 76

JetSurge Power Cleaning, 5-3, 52

Bassler Equipment, 4-4, 70

Colarusso’s Restaurant, 3-5, 66

Atlas Realty, 3-5, 70

Old Forge Chiropractor, 2-6, 88

Roberts’ Repairs, 2-6, 66